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Law Firm Clients

Below are a few testimonials from law firm clients who have used us over the years:

“I have known Warren for eight years. He is extremely knowlegeable and zealously advocates for all of his clients. He is experienced in family law, criminal law, estates and trusts, and real estate, with a couple of other areas as well. I would recommend him to any client because he will be the first to tell you if he should not handle your case and refer you on to someone else. That is atypical in most small town legal communities.” – Lawyers.com

“Divorce is never a pretty thing but Mikesell & Mikesell made the unbearable bearable. All of the ugliness seemed to get set aside and we were able to complete the task at hand in a professional and speedy way. I can’t thank them enough for that.” – Aaron S.

“I absolutely love the entire staff!!! They are super friendly and professional. I wasn’t a huge client but they made me feel like I was.” – Shannon L.

“Peace of mind is a difficult thing to come by when a loved one dies. My mother passed unexpectedly and we were all sort of left wondering what to do. Luckily for us she had a will in place so we didn’t have to make the hard decisions. She already made them for us. I now tell every person I meet to have a will prepared. It’s not just for you it’s for your family. Right after we cleared up my mother’s affairs, my husband and I sat down and had our will prepared.” – Jessica C.

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