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Probate Attorney

If you are faced with the loss of a loved one, whether a husband or wife, mother or father or other family member, the task of settling their estate can become overwhelming. Allow our Law Firm to take the reigns and guide you through the maize of legal documents and filings to assist you in this task. Our firm has been handling the settlement of estates for over fifty (50) years. We will walk you through this difficult time in your life and file all of the necessary documents, petitions, inheritance tax returns and notices required. We will assist you in obtaining Letters Testamentary (when a person dies with a Will) or Letters of Administration (when a person dies without a Will), prepare the Final Inheritance Tax Return and all of its Schedules. Our firm will obtain the Estate Employer Identification Number (EIN) and provide you with all the information you need to successfully open and close an Estate checking account with a banking institution of your choice. Ultimately, we will assist you in the distribution of your loved one’s remaining assets according to his or her Last Will or Testament or according to the Intestate Laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Thereafter, we will prepare the necessary documents to have you discharged from your duties as an Executor or Administrator (as the case may be) and file all the documents and obtain the necessary Court signatures. You will be provided copies of all legal document for your own file. As always, we will be here to assist you in answering any probate question you may have regarding your duties and responsibilities as an Executor or an Administrator–there are no “stupid” questions here at the Law Firm of Mikesell & Mikesell.

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